Reviews - As taken from our FB page...


Jeff and fam are the best! A really well done wiring harness, clear instructions and ongoing support.  -MT Randall

Jeff made me an OBD2 harness from a '95 Subaru that I'm now using to power an EJ25. First, the harness came out looking Amazing! Having built an OBD1 harness for myself a few years back I know how much time and effort goes into making one of these. Trust me... his harness is worth every penny. That and he was there for me whenever I had a question or a silly request. Five stars and I'll recommend him whenever anyone asks me about a harness!Type your paragraph here.  -Adam Gillespie 

​Jeff has been my go to guy for my Subaru/beetle swap. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he's been truly helpful. Ive had millions of questions along the way, and even though I'm sure it gets annoying; he never let it show.

Plans for more business with AutoVentures in the works already. Soon to upgrade the ej22 

Great business, operated by a great guy!  -Zach Norbut 


Jeff was amazing to work with! The harness turned out very well! I could not be happier with the quality of work and the ease of communication. Highly recommended!  -John Montague

Diffenatly [sic] one of the most knowledgeable folks to deal with. And great for any help that he can bring to the table. Made my install almost a plug and play system into a bay window bus, I believe the first one he had done this for. Thanks Jeff.  -Frank Boettcher


Nice job and excellent customer service! He makes it look easy, and it is; after you get it back from him!  -Luis Senyé 

Best person to work with! Best harness modification available on the market, and the only one on the market who will work with you as you install it to make sure the harness is working properly. Others only send the harness. Don't skimp on someone else with worse quality and worse customer service. Especially on something as important as a wiring harness.​​


Had Jeff make a harness for a 2002 ej25 in my Vanagon. Very helpful with answering questions. Awesome quality and looks stock.  -Tyler Zaucha 

Jeff is the man. Most helpful harness wiring and all around knowledgeable guy on subaru conversions I have met. I would not hesitate to have him do another harness for me. His work is impecable and his willingness to help with troubleshooting are far above what you get from most conversion operations. If I could give 10 stars I would. You will not be disappointed. I just hope he doesn't get too busy to do the harness on my next project!​  -David Murphy